About Me

Hey everyone,

Reminder: Make sure to email me or leave a comment if one of my Macros aren’t workng.


How long have you been playing?

– I’ve been play WoW since early 2006. My first character was a gnome mage on the server Anvlimar. My first dungeon was Deadmines and my first raid was Zul’Gurub (when it was a raid of course). I switched to Horde at the end of Vanilla because my friend switched, and I’ve been playing Horde since then. I was present at every expansion launch. WOTLK is the best expansion IMO. I’m most nostalgia about BC, but I still think the lore, progression, questing, bosses etc… were all better in WOTLK. Cata was the worst. Mists was pretty good. Don’t know why everyone hated Mists so much. So far I would put Mists above WOD. I’m also not sure why I just went on a rant about expansions in my about me section…


How many toons do you have?

– Too many to bother counting. Probably close to 30. I have characters on many different realms of course and also different regions. I have about 10 characters in EU and the rest in the US. I have 13 level 100’s. One of each class on the US account, and a rogue and mage on my EU account.


Why did you make this site?

– Because I make a lot of macros… I mean alot! Might as well share them. I’m also really into web design and stuff like that, so it’s a win-win situation. Although I’m not a web designer, so don’t expect a pro looking website! I find it fun figuring out how to design websites though.


What do you do for a living?

– I work at a hot rod shop warehouse. I basically pull parts all day. I’m also working on my bachelors in Political Science. Once I graduate next year I will start law school.


Why do you always talk about dynasty’s impulse addon in your videos and in your post?


– Btw, I added this FAQ because everyone always ask me. I use the addon myself and like it, so I recommend the addon to people who can’t find the macros they are looking for, which happens to be a lot of people because there are so many different ways to make macros, and people are always looking for specific ones. I do make money for recommending the addon to people, but I would recommend the addon anyways, so I thought “might as well post a few links”. The addon isn’t necessary, but just like every single other addon in WoW it makes live easier while playing.